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we get down & dirty in the dm's so you don't have to.

Let's glow girls.

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we hear it all the time...

“I don’t know what to say or how to say it!”

“What if people think I’m sleazy for talking about my offers?”

“I’m scared of selling my services online—I don’t even know where to start!”

Girl, if you don't sell, how will you ever make sales?

Here at Right Hand Glam, we get down and dirty in the DMs so you don’t have to.

Using data-driven strategies, we support you in organically growing your following and increasing brand awareness, ultimately converting your conversations to cash.

Now that is something to party about.

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It’s your Chief Engagement Strategist, Emma!

Whenever people ask me what I do, I ask them if they want the short version or the long version. Most of the time they ask for the short version.

“Well, every day my team and I log into our clients’ accounts, we pretend to be them, and we sell their shit.”

Their jaws drop.

And why wouldn’t they? I’m telling them that I support womenpreneurs from all over the world in making BANK on Instagram.

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We can’t promise sales because we can’t force anyone to swipe a credit card.

But we will work our asses off to connect you with people who will light you the hell up, who you’ll be proud and happy to serve with a resounding FUCK YES.

What we can promise you?

That we’ll inject new energy in your business and your confidence. You’ll get authentic, sincere social media growth and a refresh you didn’t even know you needed.

Let's go girls.

let's go girls.

love from past clients:

“Honestly, [Right Hand Glam] has changed the way I think about sales and my business. I’ve never been particularly good at starting a conversation, it’s an introvert thing and I hate feeling like I’m bothering people. But it’s so important! And [Right Hand Glam] just blasts through that and helps me get over the awkwardness so I can get straight to the good part of actually talking to people I think are super cool. The sales part doesn’t bother me because I never want to sell people things I don’t think they need, but the conversations are priceless.”

Chloe, Copywriter

“Working with RHG feels like sipping on a piña colada on a beach. I don’t need to have a care on my mind because I know the gritty work is being done in the DM’s in a way that aligns with the unique voice and values of my business and brand. I’d cancel my monthly strategy calls with the team because they’d be crushing it and I legit could just say: Keep doing what you’re doing. They have helped me maintain relationships with leads I valued that otherwise I’d neglect and help foster new tight-knit connections that ultimately have brought my business awareness and sales.”

Sharai, Brand & Web Designer

"Thanks to [Right Hand Glam]’s forward approach in the DMs, I finally got a personal email address from a potential client to inquire about web design. I don’t think I would have gotten that info without [Right Hand Glam]’s help! I had been in her DMs for over 8 months.”

Lisette, Web Designer

“Working with Right Hand Glam has been a PHENOMENAL experience since Day One. Emma and her team always take my company's monthly goals and vision into account and they've been able to exceed my expectations every single month with our number of followers and engagement. Emma is a forward-thinker, she often thinks beyond what I can see myself in my business development on social media and she's made incredible suggestions that have grown my business financially.”

Marissa, Holistic Coach & Yoga Teacher