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Giving SMMs, VAs, and new freelancers the tools, tech, and tenacity to add engagement services to their product suite.

We cornered the engagement market before there even was one - and now we've served hundreds of clients & students from all over the world.

We've got to be doing something right...and now I'm here to teach you how to do the same with a DFY service that is going to explode over the next year.

Everyone needs engagement...but most people don't have the time or energy to do it. And if they did? They'd have no clue where to start.

So let me guess...

Your clients aren't seeing conversions from content alone.

You're struggling to retain clients and need a jucier offer.

You're interested in engagement, but need guidance.

this is for you if...

You're looking to add a tangible skill to your product suite that you can market for an immediate ROI.

You're ready to take command of your knowledge and communicate to your clients the value of this service.

You want to capitalize on an in-demand and lucrative DFY service that people are eager to hire for.

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the timeline

Week 1: Getting Down & Dirty in the DMs

Week 2: Strategies & Sequences That Sell

Week 3: Mindset

Week 4: Live Engagement Walkthrough

Week 5: Selling Your Clients on Engagement


$116 USD

Want to Pay in Full? You'll get bonuses valued at almost $2000!

you'll get...

Lifetime access to pre-recorded modules

Monthly Q&A call

Slack support

Alumni community

Ability to become an affiliate and earn $$$

Quarterly drops in our continuing education platform, The Resource Shop




love from past clients:

“TEA gave me so much more confidence in myself as a business owner, my packages, and learning to set boundaries with clients. I think the best part for me is having a community to bounce ideas and questions off of which can be difficult to find when you work for yourself. I never feel like there's a question off limits with this group. Everyone genuinely wants to help each other succeed. It was quite the investment for me at the time and I was nervous because I had never signed up for a course before so I was just crossing my fingers that I wasn't wasting money but it was definitely worth every penny! I signed up for the Minimind afterward because I didn't wasn't ready for TEA to end yet!”

Sam K.

“The community and support is out of this world! By going through The Engagement Academy I gained the knowledge and the confidence in my services that I needed to finally start landing clients. I had been trying to land clients for 6 months! There wasn't a single thing in the Academy that wasn't knowledgeable or beneficial for me. But if I had to pick my biggest takeaway, it would be the whole system for doing engagement.”

Tori B.

“I knew that Emma's approach to data-driven strategies and her messaging of community over competition really aligned with my own views. I felt I was in good hands and had nothing to lose so I finally pulled the trigger and went all-in. With the tips, tools and structure from this course I finally saw the piece that was missing. I could use a strength we already had and multiply it, prove it and then turn around and sell it while getting my clients great results in an honest and ethical way. Using what I learned, mixed with the confidence that Emma helped to build, I quickly booked out my team. The craziest part was that I was only a few weeks into the course. We are now on our way to hiring a new team member and tripling our revenue.”

Kaila M.

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